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Monday, 25 January 2010

Torres Vedras Carnival - Party day and night

There are many carnival traditions in Portugal, most of them away from the city. One of the most famous cities that celebrate this occasion is Torres Vedras, where during 5 days (and nights) people dress up and celebrate on the streets.

The real party only starts on February 11, but you can already feel the excitement as the date approaches, since yesterday was inaugurated the Carnival 2010 monument.

If you like to party day and night, don’t’ be shy: Dress up your favourite costume and visit them for a “surrounding Lisbon’s experience”.


Saturday, January 23

12:00 Inauguration of the Carnival monument in Praça da República

Thursday, February 11

22:00 Enthronement of the kings of Carnival 2010-01-25 Praça da República

Friday, February 12

09:30 Schools parade - City centre

22:00 Arrival of the kings of Carnival

22:30 Dj’s carnival party

Stage I – Praça Machado Santos

Stage II – Jardins de Santiago

Saturday, February 13

16:00 Um cheirinho a Tócandar

21:00 Night parade

22:30 Dj’s carnival party

00:30 Tócandar + Banda Baco

Sunday, February 14

14:30 Day Parade

16:30 Tócandar + Banda Baco

22:30 Dj’s carnival party

Monday, February 15

15:00 Masked ball

21:00 Clumsy Parade

22:30 Dj’s carnival party

00:00 Tócandar + Banda Baco

Tuesday, February 16

14:30 Day Parade

16:30 Tócandar + Banda Baco

Wednesday, February 17

21:00 Carnival burial and fireworks

Other information

Parade entrance (Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday) – 5 Eur

Parade Passes (Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday) – 10 Eur

Under 10 years old – Free

Sunday and Tuesday from 9am to 7pm

Saturday from 4pm to 2am

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