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Sunday, 31 January 2010

Long, short, in all colors and styles… the best GLOVES in the whole world

When you pass by you can barely notice this small, amazing shop that is also one of the most famous and iconic stores of the city. Everyone in Lisbon knows (or should know) what’s on at Rua do Carmo, 87-A since 1925. This cluttered old shop, which keeps the original decoration style with wood furniture, uses the original craft production processes in the manufacture of gloves for all tastes. A must see to a complete Lisbon experience.

Luvaria Ulisses
Rua do Carmo 87 –A
Opens Monday to Saturday from 10am to7pm

Walking the old town

We found out that many of our Facebook fans feel that to really know Lisbon you have to walk it. If you are a good walker and want to learn more about our ancient history, you can meet a “Lisbon Walker” guide in Praça do Comércio and be part of one of the 6 different tours they have to offer.

  • Lisbon Old Town
  • Lisbon Downtown
  • Lisbon Cosmopolitan
  • Lisbon Legends & Mystery
  • Lisbon City of Spies
  • Lisbon Revelation tour

Each tour takes around 2 hours and the cost for the ticket is 15 €. It happens every day in English and on Sundays they have a special tour in Portuguese with the cost of 10€. For more information and schedules check their website:

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Santa Luzia

When climbing the hill of Alfama in the direction of the castle (I advise to take tram 28 as it's a steep hill) you will find a small garden on the right hand side that doesn't stands for a particular beauty, at least until you get to the balcony from where you will find some of the most amazing views of the city. From there you will have privileged view of the narrow streets of Alfama neighborhood and the beautiful Tagus river. Have a look at the tile panels, one representing Praça do Comercio before the earthquake and the other, the Christians attacking the castle.

Friday, 29 January 2010

A new way of eating sushi has arrived in Lisbon. For those sushi lovers that cannot wait for a special time to have their desire fulfilled, the Noori Sushi came to help you. Exclusively with temakis, the fresh ingredients, the crunchy noori and the delicious flavour gives you exactly the japanese cuisine that you are familiar with.

Fast food in a healthy way! The concept is for a fast meal during the rush of your working, shopping or leisure days. You can have your noori with a glass of white wine or fill it with strawberries and chocolate for example. The price is as good as the food, so its easy to see yourself twice a week eating one of your favourites meals.

Right in the hearth of Chiado :

Noori Sushi

Armazéns do Chiado, Piso 1 (Next to the subway exit)

Rua do Crucifixo 87

Open daily from 11am to 10pm

91 863 9287

Soon: Noori Sushi at Saldanha Monumental

Buy & Rent a Costume

One of our Facebook fans Rogerio Oliveira, sent us a message to inform that he has carnival costumes to sell or rent. If you are in the area of Lisbon and still did not decide what character you want to impersonate, contact him to find out about the options he has to offer.

INFO:91.7410493 - from 21h.)

Thursday, 28 January 2010

A city in S size for XL fun

Check in your children at the Airport, get their kidzos (official currency), and let them run around the park that reproduces a real city. There are more than 60 professions for the children to choose from, and you will see many replicas for famous brand establishments. All the activities are designed with an educational purpose in a way that, since very young, our kids understand the values of citizenship and living in society.

Dolce Vita Tejo – Amadora

Wednesday to Friday from 10am to 6pm

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays from 11am to 8pm

The entrance is limited by availability

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Deli Delux

You can also benefit from the knowledge and availability of the staff, who can help you with your choices, explaining the origin of the products and suggesting how to prepare them.

One other excelent tip is the cafeteria with delicious salads, sandwichs, cheeses and cakes (try the chocolate one). For a brunch, or a light lunch or even for a drink at sunset time, you can either seat inside, or when the Sun comes the tables outside invites you to feel the river breeze.

Deli Delux

Av. Infante D. Henrique Armazém B, loja 8

21 8862070

Closed on Mondays

Lisbon from a boat

Lisbon is beautiful because of its ancient history, its colors, the many activities, restaurants, night, shops…. Lisbon it’s beautiful on sunny days and also on raining ones, by day and by night. But to see Lisbon from an outside perspective always amazes me. I always say that there isn’t a more beautiful city to arrive than Lisbon, when you fly from south or drive across the bridge. The bad thing is that, in any of these two cases, it always ends too fast.

Don’t have a glimpse of the city but the full experience with a boat ride you will never forget. With this professional company, you will enjoy the best of the city, the best of sailing, and a story to tell your friends.

Contact: 917 704 145

Monday, 25 January 2010

Miúdos e Graúdos ao Castelo

*These activities in Castelo de São Jorge, are only available in the portuguese language

Viaje com os seus filhos ate à Idade Media numa visita ao Castelo de S.Jorge. O primeiro Domingo de cada mes é o dia dos Jogos Tradicionais com a recriação das personagens da corte dos tempos em que o Castelo albergava a familia real. No último Domingo realiza-se uma visita guiada com a duração de 1:30 para que crianças e acompanhates fiquem a conhecer um pouco mais da nossa história. Uma experiencia de Lisboa para momentos únicos em família.

Todas as actividades são para crianças com mais de 6 anos que deverão ser acompanhadas pelo menos por um adulto. (É desaconselhado levar crianças de idades inferiores)

Todas as participações estão sujeitas a marcação prévia, que deverão ser feitas no Núcleo Museológico do Castelo de São Jorge.

Horario: Primeiro e último Domingo de cada mes às 10:30 e às 14:30

Preço: 3 Eur por participante

Torres Vedras Carnival - Party day and night

There are many carnival traditions in Portugal, most of them away from the city. One of the most famous cities that celebrate this occasion is Torres Vedras, where during 5 days (and nights) people dress up and celebrate on the streets.

The real party only starts on February 11, but you can already feel the excitement as the date approaches, since yesterday was inaugurated the Carnival 2010 monument.

If you like to party day and night, don’t’ be shy: Dress up your favourite costume and visit them for a “surrounding Lisbon’s experience”.


Saturday, January 23

12:00 Inauguration of the Carnival monument in Praça da República

Thursday, February 11

22:00 Enthronement of the kings of Carnival 2010-01-25 Praça da República

Friday, February 12

09:30 Schools parade - City centre

22:00 Arrival of the kings of Carnival

22:30 Dj’s carnival party

Stage I – Praça Machado Santos

Stage II – Jardins de Santiago

Saturday, February 13

16:00 Um cheirinho a Tócandar

21:00 Night parade

22:30 Dj’s carnival party

00:30 Tócandar + Banda Baco

Sunday, February 14

14:30 Day Parade

16:30 Tócandar + Banda Baco

22:30 Dj’s carnival party

Monday, February 15

15:00 Masked ball

21:00 Clumsy Parade

22:30 Dj’s carnival party

00:00 Tócandar + Banda Baco

Tuesday, February 16

14:30 Day Parade

16:30 Tócandar + Banda Baco

Wednesday, February 17

21:00 Carnival burial and fireworks

Other information

Parade entrance (Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday) – 5 Eur

Parade Passes (Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday) – 10 Eur

Under 10 years old – Free

Sunday and Tuesday from 9am to 7pm

Saturday from 4pm to 2am

Spazio Relax

It’s time for a relaxing Lisbon experience! After going to all events, different restaurants, shopping and walks along the city, what a better way to relax than having a wonderful massage...In Spazio relax, next to Torre Vasco da Gama, you will discover all Four Elements in a new perspective. Here, each room is decorated with each one of the elements: air, earth, fire and water, making you feel part of nature. Various massages and treatments will relax you, give you energy or just make you feel good with life. I tried and I am still feeling relaxed!

Spazio Relax

Rua do Cais das Naus, lote 4

Parque das Nações

Sunday, 24 January 2010


The Casino Estoril is the biggest casino in Europe, where you can gamble, assist to a show, have a drink or dinner in one of their restaurants (we recommend Mandarim,, the best Chinese restaurant in Portugal). Located at about 20 km from Lisbon, it has a beautiful garden in front, that goes down towards the Atlantic Ocean.

If you prefer not to leave the city, you have the alternative of the Lisbon Casino. At the modern Parque das Nações area, it’s architecture combines with the surroundings with a minimalist and white decoration. Both of them promise good leisure time and many activities for a gambling Lisbon Experience.

Both Casinos are open every day (except December 24)

Casino Estoril from 3pm to 3am

Casino de Lisboa: Sunday to Thursday from 3pm to 3am / Friday and Saturday from 4pm to 4am.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Pavillhão Atlantico 2010

This is the biggest pavilion in Lisbon that hosts most of the big events in Lisbon, from sports to concerts. It was built for the Expo 98 and it can host 20.000 people. Find below their agenda for 2010 and get your ticket for one more Lisbon experience.



No Events


No Events


6 / 7 – Winx on Ice

14 – Spandau Ballet

22 / 23 – Star Wars in Concert

27 / 28 – Disney on Ice – Os desejos das princesas


7 – Tokio Hotel – Welcome to Humanoid City Tour


1 – Vila Moleza

14 & 16– Walking with Dinossaurs The Live Experience

18 / 19 – Metallica World Magnetic Tour 10

25 – Carlos Santana


No Events


3 – Ben Hur Live Productor F. Abraham


No Events


No Events


10 – Trata a vida Por Tu Gal com Daniel Sá Nogueira (Conference)


No Events


No Events

We will update this agenda with new coming up events.

Pastéis de massa tenra - Frutalmeidas

When the words “pasteis de massa tenra” are heard, all Alfacinha thinks immediately in one place, Frutalmeidas. Here you can buy different kinds of fresh fruit, and taste the famous pastries. This baked goods are light and fatty but firm enough to support the weight of the filling, in this case minced meet.

To drink, try one of the various options of fresh fruit juices and for dessert the strawberry cake with whipped cream. With all this extra weight, a walk along the seven hills city might be a good idea. A caloric but delicious Lisbon experience!


Av. de Roma 45

Mon to Sat - 8am to 8pm

Friday, 22 January 2010

Hot Club de Portugal

The best jazz club in Lisbon burned down last month and it still not found a new home. Hot Club is famous amongst “alfacinhas” for it history and big jazz names that passed by along the years. We look forward for the new opening and for more great jazz nights.

For alternatives you can visit:

Onda Jazz

Arco de Jesus, 7 (Alfama)

21 888 32 42

Closed on Mondays

Espaço Lisboa Jazz Club

Rua da Cozinha Económica, 16 (Alcantara)

21 361 02 10

Only on Fridays


Cais das Oficinas, 115 (Docks)

21 396 42 57

Closed on Sundays and Mondays

Check their agenda for the Jazz nights

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Kuta Bar

Although situated in the oldest neighborhood in Lisbon, where Fado is king, this bar leaves the national songs at the door. Here the smell, the colors and furniture takes you to the paradisiac island of Bali, Indonesia.

Between various cocktails, you should try the apple mojito (my favourite) and the delicious Sunday brunchs followed by an oriental massage. Often on Mondays, they serve some of the best sushi in Lisbon,be sure to check it out. A truly Lisbon experience Buda style!

Kuta Bar

Travessa do Chafariz Del Rey 8

21 151 15 24

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Vida Portuguesa

Meet the Lisbon of the beginning of the XX century by visiting A Vida Portuguesa. This amazing shop puts together the everyday products that our Portuguese grandparents used to have at home.

This is one of our favorite shops in Lisbon and a must see to anyone that want's to buy the most original gifts in the city, as they only sell portuguese brands in original old-designed packaging.

It is a real time travel and a true Lisbon experience.

A Vida Portuguesa

Rua Anchieta, 11 (Chiado)

21 346 50 73

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Tasty Belem

Here you have a message we received by email from Josephine from London.

I Love Belém harbour, the starting point for most discovery voyages, there are loads of things to see there from the famous Tower of Belem to the Monastery and also, a definite must is the "Pasteis de Belem" famous and delicious Portuguese custard tarts hot out of the oven…!

Thank you for your comments Josephine. Belem is a beautiful area and part of our ancient history. Regarding the pastry... you will have to try them, to understand this Lisbon experience!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Caipirinha at Vaskus

If you travel to Lisbon and want good meat, go to Vaskus. Casual atmosphere, only local people, and the most amazing “caipirinha” you can find in the city. Made with cachaça or Vodka, the original flavor is Lime, but I would advise you to choose it with passion fruit. A Lisbon experience to remember.

Rua Passos Manuel, 30
21 352 22 93
Does not accept reservations
Closed on Sundays and Holidays